Specialist Sourcing

Drawing on the Ember Group to add value beyond traditional recruitment services

Ember Search offers a range of enhanced services to source the very best individuals and teams working in CX & Digital on either a short term or permanent basis.

We source a diverse range of professionals working across the Customer Experience & Digital world. In addition to the traditional sourcing channels, 35% of our placements are sourced via our unique EmberNet community. These are referrals from seasoned industry practitioners who are incentivsed to help us source and reference the best people, this channel gives us access to candidates who are not proactively looking to move. We also offer an innovative hybrid charging model where an element of the fee is paid upfront and the balance is only paid upon successful completion of the assignment. In return, we offer an extended warranty  period at a more competitive rate.

We source both professionals and senior executives to provide short term support, drawing on our extensive database of well referenced specialists, many of whom have supported the Ember Group previously. In addition to more traditional charging models, we are also able to deploy innovative commercial models that put an element of the charge at risk for non delivery against agreed milestones.

We can provide entire project teams that blend our employees, Ember Consultants with Contractors, deployed with bespoke commercial arrangements that link our payment to successful delivery. This enables clients to benefit from the approach, methodology and accountability of consultants at an optimised, blended day rate.

Drawing upon the wider Ember Group we can provide a range of consultancy support to every stage of the design, selection and onboarding process. From organisation design, developing an employer proposition, drafting job descriptions through to designing and executing physical or online assessment processes.